Band Of The Week: Valor & Vengeance


In today’s modern metal scene there are so many different sub-genres that it’s getting harder to pinpoint exactly where bands fit. That’s not the case with Valor and Vengeance. They know exactly what they are and where they fit. Their use of melodic sensibility and syncopated rhythms make them stand out among their peers. I like to think of Valor and Vengeance as sounding like Avenged Sevenfold if the latter had balls and didn’t suck. Singer Adam Ryan has a commanding presence to go along with his exceptional vocals and uplifting lyrics. The dueling guitars of Mike Muenzer and Tyler Morgan are on par with many of their contemporaries. While the rhythm of bassist Paul Perry is tight and precise. From the two songs they have released so far, “Sinking Further” and “Devil’s Highway,” you can tell they are serious about this band and their want to expand past the underground heavy circuits. Check out Valor and Vengeance and play it loud!


Sinking Further:


Devil’s Highway:


Sinking Further Video:


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