Band Of The Week: King Woman


Art and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s just the right combination and it works out perfectly. When you have people that are inspired they are able to create something that stands out and inspires others. Recently I was introduced to King Woman, a band that evokes so much of what I love about music these days. The transcendental and psychedelic prowess of their music creates an aura of power and desire that is stunning as it is dark. I read somewhere that compared King Woman to Black Sabbath with Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fronting the band. That’s a pretty damn good way to describe what you are about to hear.

The debut album Created In The Image Of Suffering is full of doom rock, and sensual vocal melodies that will leave you with goosebumps and a feeling of warmth. The album was recorded by Jack Shirley, who recorded Oathbreaker’s masterpiece Rheia. So you know that this album is powerful and sounds brilliant. Being able to create music that is artful isn’t easy but, King Woman definitely harnessed the will to make something substantial and worth while.


King Woman- Created In The Image Of Suffering:


King Woman- Manna:


King Woman- Deny:





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