Band Of The Week: Child Bite


There are a slew of bands in the underground that really seem to be getting the “passion” and “art” elements that are missing from mainstream music. When you are inspired rather than influenced it shows in the music that is created and the performances while on stage. A while back when I went to see Superjoint, there was a band that stole the show and left me really intrigued. That band was Child Bite. Their inspired blend of Faith No More, The Jesus Lizard, Black Flag and Mr. Bungle is unique and much needed in music today. Their most recent album Negative Noise is 12 songs full of unbridled art rock, alternative, and post punk. Child Bite are a band that when you see them live, it all makes sense. Child Bite packs a ferocious bite of enigmatic energy and ignites like a molotov cocktail. Do yourselves a favor and check out this band!


Child Bite- Negative Noise:


Child Bite- Vermin Mentality:


Child Bite- Ancestral Ooze:


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