Underrated Band: Balance & Composure


There are bands that often get overlooked because there are so many coming out of a genre at the time. Most times when you take a step back and see what you’ve missed, you come across some pretty spectacular bands. Back in 2009 or 2010 when I went to see the band Dredg, they brought along a band called Balance and Composure on tour with them. During their set I really began to dig on their sound and songs. I remember thinking that they had a very cool vibe that was similar to that of Brand New with a bit of Sunny Day Real Estate.

Since the bands inception in 2007, Balance and Composure have released 3 full length albums and more than half a dozen EP’s and splits. Through the years not only has the band progressed and evolved but, they have started to really rub off on other up and coming bands from the post-hardcore/alternative rock scenes. Something else about Balance and Composure is their ability to write songs that not only emit feeling but, also pack a punch of aggression delicately with precision. Their music isn’t “heavy” for the sake of being “heavy.” It’s all done in a way that is needed for the song and fits where things are going.

Their most recent album Light We Made, is the perfect representation of the band. This album is mature yet full of all the things that make Balance and Composure a band for the times. Since that release, they have also released an EP called Slowheart that is one of their best pieces of work.

Catch Balance and Composure on tour this fall with Thrice and Circa Survive.


Balance and Composure- Light We Made:


Balance and Composure- Slowheart EP:


Balance and Composure- The Things We Think Are Missing:

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