List: Best Rhythm Sections

Rhythm Sections. The backbone of the band. The ones that are often overlooked in the band. This list is here to make sure they get their due!

As always this list is INCOMPLETE so, add who you think should be considered on this list. And… THIS LIST IS………IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER… (Ain’t nobody got time for DAT!!……. Though if you do I’ll send you a goodie bag of something cool).

Brad Wilk/Time Commerford- Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave
Mitch Mitchell/Noel Redding- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Mike Starr (RIP)/Mike Inez/Sean Kinney- Alice In Chains
Ed Breckinridge/Riley Breckinridge- Thrice
Troy Sanders/Brann Dailor- Mastodon
Krist Novaselic/Dave Grohl- Nirvana
Liam Wilson/Chris Pennie (former)/Billy Rymer- The Dillinger Escape Plan
Nate Medel/William Goldsmith- Sunny Day Real Estate/Foo Fighters
NateMendel/Taylor Hawkins- Foo Fighters
John Baker Sanders/Barrett Martin- Mad Season
Flea/Jack Irons/Chad Smith- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Cliff Burton (RIP)/Jason Newsted (former)/Robert Trujillo/Lars Ulrich- Metallica
Ben Sheppard/Matt Cameron- Soundgarden
Jeff Ament/Dave Abbruzzese/Jack Irons- Pearl Jam
Jack Bruce/Ginger Baker- Cream
John Paul Jones/John Bonham- Led Zeppelin
Ray Manzarek/John Densmore- The Doors
John Entwistle/Keith Moon- The Who
Dee Dee Ramone/Tommy Ramone- Ramones
Glen Matlock/Paul Cook- Sex Pistols
Paul Simonon/Topper Headon- The Clash
Tom Araya/Dave Lombardo- Slayer
Frank Bello/Charlie Benate- Anthrax
Dave Ellefson/Nick Menza- Megadeth
Geezer Butler/Bill Ward- Black Sabbath
Nate Newton/Ben Koller- Converge
Caleb Scofield/JR Connors- Cave In
Simon Gallup/Lol Tolhurst- The Cure
Chi Cheng (RIP)/Sergio Vega/Abe Cunningham- Deftones
Greg Edwards/Ken Andrews/Kellii Scott- Failure
Jean-Michel Labadie/Mario Duplantier-Gojira
Duff McKagen/Steven Adler (former)/Matt Sorum (former)/Frank Ferrer- Guns N Roses
Alex Katunich (a.k.a. Dirk Lance)/Jose Pasillas- Incubus
Steve Harris/Clive Burr (RIP)/Nicko McBrain- Iron Maiden
Jeff Caxide/Aaron Harris- Isis/Palms
Eric Avery/Stephen Perkins- Jane’s Addiction
Peter Hook/Stephen Morris- Joy Division/New Order
Lemmy/Phil Talyor (RIP)/Mikkey Dee- Motorhead
Ryan Martinie/Matt McDonough- Mudvayne
Nick Cageao/Ben Koller- Mutoid Man
Dave Edwardson/Jason Roeder- Neurosis
Reilly Herrera/Aric Improta- Night Verses
Anton Dang/Michael Martens- O’Brother
Rex Brown/Vinnie Paul- Pantera
Stefan Olsdal/Steve Hewitt- Placebo
Colin Greenwood/Philip Selway- Radiohead
John Fahenstock/Jaime Miller- Snot
Robert DeLeo/Eric Kretz- Stone Temple Pilots
Paul D’Amor (former)/Justin Chancellor/Danny Carey- Tool
Peter Steele/Johnny Kelly- Type O’Negative
Adam Clayton/Larry Mullen Jr- U2
Michael Anthony/Alex Van Halen- Van Halen

Billy Gould/Mike Bordin-Faith No More

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