Band Of The Week _Updated: Spirit In The Room


One of my favorite things about doing Audioeclectica and writing about up and coming bands is being able to watch them grow. Some of the bands of the week I’ve written about have really stepped up their games from their first releases. One such band is Spirit In The Room. Led by main songwriter and multi instrumentalist Dennis Sanders, Spirit In The Room has carved out their own niche. The use of electronics and programming fits perfectly with the experimental sort of doom punk rock vibe. There seems to be a river of inspiration flowing through Dennis, as the band is constantly releasing new material that just keeps getting better. One other thing that I really dig about Spirit In The Room is the fact that Dennis isn’t afraid to take chances with his music. There are tons of different influences that poke their heads out in the songs, and that’s what makes Spirit In The Room different and intriguing. Check them out as they are about to embark on a small tour.


Cut To The Crash:


Meat Themes:


Destroyed By The Future EP:





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