Worst Cover Songs: Gone Is Gone (Portishead)- Roads


There is a new “collective group” (I’ve stopped using the term Supergroup) out called Gone Is Gone. It’s made up of Troy Sanders of Mastodon, Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age, Tony Hajjar of At The Drive In and Mike Zarin. On paper this sounds like it could sound really cool, but it just doesn’t do it sadly. So much talent, but the execution is lackluster. Speaking of lackluster, on their full length debut album Echolocation, Gone Is Gone did a cover of Portishead’s “Roads.” Their version really misses the mark and is quite possibly one of the worst covers I’ve ever heard. Hear it for yourself.

Gone Is Gone- Roads:


Portishead- Roads (Studio Version from Dummy):



Portishead- Roads (Live Version from Roseland Ballroom 1998):


  1. Quite possibly one of the worst write ups on an amazing gathering of musicians and a most amazing, one of a kind tribute to a down tempo group by a rock group. Rarely does anyone ever capture the original essence of a classic, like Roads, but that is rarely the point. The point is to pay homage and have fun covering a mutually adored song by the group performing it.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m sorry you felt that way about my take on that cover. As a HUGE Portishead fan, I really thought it didn’t do it justice. I get what you are saying about paying homage and having fun but, in all honesty it really fell flat. I do thank you for checking out the site and messaging me. I hope you found some other bands and articles that you dug as well. Since you are a Portishead fan, check out this cover of Silence done by the band O’Brother. I think you’ll really enjoy this one! https://audioeclectica.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/cover-song-obrother-portishead-silence/

      Thanks for taking the time to check out the site.


      1. If your opinion is subjective and biased, if your arguments have no reasons and if you can´t defend your point beyond a childish “you hater!” “you troll!” response, then you´re wrong!

        Taking everything too personal will kill you, just grow a pair and learn to have valid opinions or to describe better than “i really hate this” or ” i really like this”.

        Your opinions are basic, simple, and dull, you talk about the cover of Portishead being lackluster, well, your “review” is below that. You should do something you’re good for, writing and thinking are not your superpowers.

        Don’t judge more than you have sold!

      2. First. You don’t know me so who are you to judge.

        Second. It wasn’t even a “review.” It was a quick statement about something I didn’t dig. Thankfully in this world there are more than one flavor of something. You are more than welcome to think I’m wrong but don’t attack me. If you didn’t have anything nice to say in the first place then you shouldn’t have said anything at all.

        My opinions are my own whether or not you agree. I created an outlet for people to discover things musically that they might enjoy and might not. Obviously you liked that cover of the Portishead song. I know plenty of people that didn’t. So are they wrong too?

    1. It’s all a matter of opinion and people have different tastes. Being a huge Portishead fan and Roads being one of those untouchable songs. It doesn’t work. Also there is no need to be rude and call people names.

  2. “Underwhelming” is the way I’d put it. Swaying over the line to 100% disgust is just asking for the gut reactions you’re seeing within the comment section. People appreciate a tempered approach but your write up seems like it was designed to start a movement against the track, or the band, or “supergroups” in general. I disagree with your assessment but I did want to take the time to acknowledge that YOU took the time to do something here, which is valid! Best luck with your endeavors and interests.

    1. Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my initial assessment of this cover. I have no issues with them as a band. This song though, holds such a special place to me, that when I hear others try to cover it in anyway, I’m very critical of it. While I’ve had time to listen to it again, it’s not as horrible as I previously stated but, it’s definitely not good. Underwhelming is a good word choice for sure. This is also one of those songs, that should just be left alone.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to write your take on this. So thank you.

      Hope you enjoy the other features here on the site!


  3. Hi,
    I found this post as I was re-listening to Gone is Gone and recognised the cover of Roads by Portishead (not sure if I did when originally listening to the album, or just forgot!) The cover I think fitted in quite well with the album as a whole, an album which I thought was a bit lacklustre considering the EP they released before the full album was much stronger. I definitely thought there would have been more to them with the great names involved. Hopefully they’ll record some new music more like their first EP.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment.

      In context with the album, I can see how you think it fits but, their version is very lackluster. Plus, it’s one of those songs, that you really shouldn’t take on. It’s got such a certain vibe and sound that anyone trying it won’t do it justice. Now, was I harsh on it, maybe but, as I said, it’s just one of “those” songs that are untouchable.

      Supposedly there will be more from Gone Is Gone in the future. Though, there will be a new Mastodon album before that and hopefully Troy can get back with Killer Be Killed for a new album from that too.



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