Song Battle: Radiohead vs STP- Creep


This should be fun. A new battle for the ages. There are so many songs out there and bands often times use titles that others have used as well. So I though it would be fun to put some of those songs/bands up against each other to determine who wrote the better song with the same title.

First up in this battle is Radiohead vs Stone Temple Pilots and their songs “Creep.” Both songs have been around for over 20 years now. They are both really good well written songs. So it seems like this will be a matter of preference. Personally, I’d pick Stone Temple Pilots as the winner.

Who do you think should win this battle?

Radiohead- Creep:


Stone Temple Pilots- Creep:


  1. I heard Stone Temple Pilots version 1st years ago ..I heard Radiohead in 2017 for the first time …I thought Radiohead remixed STP….who made it first ?

      1. Bet. I thought I was right that Radiohead version sounds “second” like an honor to recognize Stone Temple Pilot. I have the Core cassette tape somewhere in here. Never heard of Radiohead really until 2016/2017 …..Radiohead gets props but I saw Scott on Dave Letterman years ago…Scott went out like a Viking…it’s all good

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