Album Review: Code Orange- Forever


We are only a couple weeks into the new year and there is already an album released that will be in the top ten for the year. Code Orange’s new album Forever is the album I’m talking about and it will leave you pumped and begging for more. They have managed to transcend the hardcore genre and evolve into a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Let me further explain what I mean. While still keeping true to their hardcore roots, Code Orange has grown by leaps and bounds as songwriters that understand that there is more to music than just being “heavy.”

Starting off the album with the title track “Forever,” it’s chunky and crushing, providing a punch to the gut. “Kill The Creator” is a thrashy meets hardcore song that really shows the bands understanding of dynamics. “Real” is a doom meets hardcore track that continues the assault. “Bleeding in the Blur” is a dark and dreary song that shows another side of the band. This is one of those chance taking moments and it really pays off. “The Mud” is another track that  continues to take a chance and pays off as well. “The New Reality” is what the bands origin was founded on. “Spy” continues to show off the evolution of the band. When “Ugly” kicks in you know you’ve gotten to a point in the album that ties it all together. “No One Is Untouchable” is back to the roots. “Hurt Goes On” is a moody and explosive song. There are bits of an industrial feel to the song as well. I personally think this should have been the album closer. “Dream 2” explores more genre bending and evolution and presents an interesting way to close out the album.

Code Orange have really stepped up their game. Their previous album I Am King, was a statement, and Forever is a full on call to arms. I personally love the way the album flows. It doesn’t feel like anything is out of place. Forever is an album through and through. The evolution of this band is showing that heavy music can come in many forms and still be pummeling. I will say this , if you have a member in the band that has a real “singing voice” use it and don’t be afraid of it. Melody is a great thing, and in this band, it really adds more depth. One more thing, if this is the way the band is evolving, I would love to see them work with a producer/engineer like Joe Baressi (Tool, Every Time I Die, Isis, Nine Inch Nails). I really think Joe could get great tones and songs out of the band.

Thank you Code Orange for doing your part to evolve and be yourselves.

Overall Rating: A




Kill The Creator:


Bleeding In The Blur:



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