Month: August 2016

Audioeclectica Podcast: Josh Of With Our Arms To The Sun



I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Josh Breckinridge the vocalist/guitarist of With Our Arms To The Sun. We discuss their upcoming new album ORENDA and upcoming tour dates, music tastes, and have an all around fun conversation.




Podcast: Conversation With- Josh of With Our Arms To The Sun:





Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan and Author & Punisher @ Constellation Room


An eruption of beautiful chaos is how I saw The Dillinger Escape Plan last night. It had been almost ten years since I last saw them play live and they didn’t disappoint at all. This band has always been one of the most energetic, dangerous and violent bands I’ve seen, and last night was no different. On this run the band is playing small tiny rooms, thus making the intimacy factor very intense. I myself haven’t even been in a pit in many many years, but last night I felt compelled to go and let it all out on the floor for a couple songs. Dillinger unleashed a fury live, that most bands would be jealous of. They are unrelenting in their prowess and dedication to play like each show is their last show.


Opening the show was Author and Punisher. This one man band is a sight to see live. Tristan Shone, a mechanical engineer by trade, custom designed and fabricated most of his “instruments.” His music is best described as industrial doom metal. The sheer intensity that Tristan emits during his shows is gripping. This was my second time seeing him live and his live shows and material keeps getting better. I’d love to see him add some visuals to add to the already intense music he plays. Author and Punisher was a great opener for what was about to come.



Starting off the set with “Prancer” from One Of Us Is The Killer was one hell of a way to kick it off. Following that was their newest song “Limerent Death,” which the crowd seemed to know the words to and were really happy to hear. When Dillinger played “Panasonic Youth,” that’s when it all came out. From that point on there was no escaping the fury the band and crowd were putting out. Singer Greg Puciato and guitarist Ben Weinman were like madmen jumping and climbing around on stage without losing a beat, while the rest of the band held down the rhythm yet were destructive in their own way. Other songs that stood out from the set were “Room Full Of Eyes,” “Hero Of The Soviet Union,” “One Of Us Is The Killer,” “Happiness Is A Smile,” and “Farewell, Mona Lisa.” Closing out the night was “The Mullet Burden” and “Sunshine The Werewolf.” At the end of the “Sunshine” the band invited everyone up on stage to sing and jump around , which was quite something cool to see. Not to mention the guys in the band diving on top of those on stage to finish off the song.


What a show this was. It was everything I wanted it to be. Sure, it would have been nice if they had played some songs off of Calculating Infinity, but I was more than satisfied with what they played. Their upcoming album Dissociation will be their last for a while so I expect much more violence and chaos at their shows as they continue on for the next year or so. Shows like this are what’s missing from a lot of rock and metal shows. The element of danger and recklessness, really bring the music to life. These guys might be older but they still play like they are in their 20’s and bring it each and every night. I for one will have to go see them at least one more time before their end comes. I highly recommend you all go too. Even if you aren’t into the music, this is something that every fan of heavy music needs to experience in their life.


Set List:

Limerent Death
Milk Lizard
Panasonic Youth
Room Full Of Eyes
Hero Of The Soviet Union
Nothing’s Funny
One Of Us Is The Killer
Happiness Is A Smile
Good Neighbor
Farewell, Mona Lisa
When I Lost My Bet


The Mullet Burden
Sunshine The Werewolf

By: Brian Lacy

Album Review: Interstelar- Resin


I’m quite fond of the “Stoner Metal/Rock” genre. There is enough “heavy” in the music to go around, and there is the slowed down element as well that brings it all together. Bands like Black Sabbath and Down have it down to a science and their formula has been imitated for many years now. Some bands though bring out something more than just the sludgy slowed down metal. Interstelar, a band that has been a previous band of the week, just released a new album entitled Resin, that brings something more to the table. Their blend of Sabbath and Down branded rock is mixed very well with added inspiration from The Cult and Corrosion Of Conformity. Tracks like “siLO,” “Resin,” and “Behold,” really hone in on the stoner vibe. Then there is a song like “High Horse,” that adds soothing and sweet melody, along with a vibe that puts you at ease. Lyrically the songs are on a different plane all together. They range from the social climate of today to everyday things in life, and it’s done in a way thats not intrusive or off putting, that it takes away from the mood of the music. Interstelar know how to make this genre their own and expand upon it. I “highly” recommend you take a listen to this album and hear for yourself.


Interstelar- Resin:


By: Brian Lacy


Top Ten Bands: G


We continue the alphabet with the letter G. Again these are in no particular order. And I’m always looking to add to the list so feel free to leave suggestions!


1) Guns N Roses
2) Germs
3) Gojira
4) Green Day
5) Peter Gabriel
6) Genesis
7) Garbage
8) Godflesh
9) Marvin Gaye
10) David Gilmour



The Other Side: Zachary Kibbee



The fun thing about writing this site is getting to hear so many different bands/artists. Every now and then something gets sent my way that really stands out to me. Over the years I’ve really been able to appreciate a good song no matter the genre. Recently Zachary Kibbee came to my attention. There is something interesting about this guy. His bluesy approach is quite captivating along with his voice. You can tell his influences which include The Black Keys and The Beatles, have set him on his way. You might have even heard some of his songs and you didn’t know.  His song “My Own Two Feet” was used in a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 commercial, and many of his other songs have been featured television shows and films including “Agents Of Shield,”  “Rake,”  “Benched,” and “The Drop.”  Zach’s newest album Songs From The Mud is bluesy with a bit of a rock edge to give it some grit. I would suggest Zach to anyone looking for some groovy blues rock. Zach is definitely on the right path.


See Right Through You:






End Of Days:


Your Own Way:

Ultimate Set List: The Smashing Pumpkins


I haven’t done an “Ultimate Set List” in awhile. I was thinking to myself the other day that The Smashing Pumpkins have so many great songs on their albums that get overlooked that I should do an Ultimate Set List, if only to put it out in the ether that these songs should be played live. So without anymore delay, here is what I would like to hear if I could customize the perfect Smashing Pumpkins show.

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: maximum 25 songs

Rule 2: What line up of the band would it be

Rule 3: Where would you want to see the show

Lineup: Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlain, D’arcy Wretzky, James Iha

Venue: Double Door in Chicago


Set List:

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning
Tonight, Tonight
Cherub Rock
An Ode To No One
One and All (with special guest Tommy Lee on Drums…since he played it on the album)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Tales Of A Scorched Earth
Daphne Descends


Ava Adore

Anticipated Albums: The Dillinger Escape Plan- Dissociation


It was announced that the upcoming Dillinger Escape Plan album Dissociation will be their last. The band has decided to take a bit of a break. Their newest tracks “Limerent Death” and Symptom Of Terminal Illness are an indication that they are going out with unrelenting fury. It makes total sense that they would take a break. The band has been around for almost 20 years (2017 marks 20 years), so it’s very necessary that they take step away for a bit.

Symptom Of Terminal Illness:

Limerent Death:


Album Review: Aeges- Weightless


One of the bands that are carrying the torch for rock music today is Los Angeles’s Aeges. Their new album Weightless is chock full of riffs galore, pulsating rhythms, and great melodies that will leave you tapping your feet, and singing along. The thirteen songs on the album lead by first single “Another Wasteland,” are energetic, catchy, and full of passion. In a day and age where singles are more and more popular, Aeges have released an “Album” that deserves your attention. They have managed to combine influences of straight ahead rock, a bit of prog rock, and a dash of post-hardcore, to create this album. Songs like ” Weightless,” “Save Me,” “All Of Me,” “Another Wasteland,” “What If,” “Better,” and “Drying Out” are all stellar tracks that really drive home what I mentioned above. The production on the album as well allows each member and instrument to be heard.

Aeges have been at this for a while now. Weightless is their third full length album. With each release, they keep getting better and better. If Aeges is playing in or around where you live, I strongly suggest you go check them out and pick up this album when you are there.

Overall Rating: B+


Aeges- Weightless:

Unsung Masterpieces: Bush- Razorblade Suitcase


This November will be twenty years since Bush released their very underrated and unsung masterpiece Razorblade Suitcase. I can actually remember getting this album. My mom and dad had bought it for me. I came home from school and in my room was a copy of Razorblade Suitcase along with a note that said do your homework, but listen and enjoy the album. I remember putting the album on and letting it play from start to finish and thinking to myself that this is absolutely great. It was different from Sixteen Stone in a good way. There was so much more to this album in regards of depth and feeling. The album title itself, I thought was a really cool name, meant to Gavin Rossdale as a way to describe emotional baggage. What a crazy yet interesting way to describe it. Also during this time the band kept getting knocked in the press for supposedly being too much like Nirvana. This is something that I’ve never thought was true. Sure they had an album recorded by Steve Albini, and played a similar style of loud guitars and booming drums, but Gavin and Kurt were completely on the opposite sides of things.

The album is one of my favorites of all time. From the beginning growl of Gavin’s dog on “Personal Holloway,” to the dissonance of closing song “Distant Voices” and everything in between, Razorblade Suitcase was the perfect way to follow up Sixteen Stone. Lead single “Swallowed” was impactful and gritty yet full of sweet melody. Other wonderful songs like “Greedy Fly,” “Insect Kin,” “Cold Contagious,” “Bone Driven,” and “History” were absolute stand outs. Other tracks like “A Tendency To Start Fires,” “Synapse,” “Mouth,” and “Straight No Chaser,” offered something for every type of fan of the band. From the heavier tracks to the more delicate.

While Bush isn’t the most original band in the world, they are still part of the legacy of the 90’s that shouldn’t be ignored. Put the Nirvana comparisons aside and just listen and you’ll come away with an album that is deep and vulnerable. The playing and songwriting on this record is exceptional as well. Taking away the the polish of Sixteen Stone, Steve Albini put Bush in their natural element to really get at the true nature of the band. Gavin’s voice really shines on this album too. Razorblade Suitcase is often overlooked by many, but it’s not one that should be. Twenty years later this album still holds up if not better than when it first came out.


Bush- Razorblade Suitcase:



Music Videos:



Greedy Fly:


Cold Contagious:




Personal Holloway: