Album Review: Aeges- Weightless


One of the bands that are carrying the torch for rock music today is Los Angeles’s Aeges. Their new album Weightless is chock full of riffs galore, pulsating rhythms, and great melodies that will leave you tapping your feet, and singing along. The thirteen songs on the album lead by first single “Another Wasteland,” are energetic, catchy, and full of passion. In a day and age where singles are more and more popular, Aeges have released an “Album” that deserves your attention. They have managed to combine influences of straight ahead rock, a bit of prog rock, and a dash of post-hardcore, to create this album. Songs like ” Weightless,” “Save Me,” “All Of Me,” “Another Wasteland,” “What If,” “Better,” and “Drying Out” are all stellar tracks that really drive home what I mentioned above. The production on the album as well allows each member and instrument to be heard.

Aeges have been at this for a while now. Weightless is their third full length album. With each release, they keep getting better and better. If Aeges is playing in or around where you live, I strongly suggest you go check them out and pick up this album when you are there.

Overall Rating: B+


Aeges- Weightless:


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