Unsung Masterpieces: Bush- Razorblade Suitcase


This November will be twenty years since Bush released their very underrated and unsung masterpiece Razorblade Suitcase. I can actually remember getting this album. My mom and dad had bought it for me. I came home from school and in my room was a copy of Razorblade Suitcase along with a note that said do your homework, but listen and enjoy the album. I remember putting the album on and letting it play from start to finish and thinking to myself that this is absolutely great. It was different from Sixteen Stone in a good way. There was so much more to this album in regards of depth and feeling. The album title itself, I thought was a really cool name, meant to Gavin Rossdale as a way to describe emotional baggage. What a crazy yet interesting way to describe it. Also during this time the band kept getting knocked in the press for supposedly being too much like Nirvana. This is something that I’ve never thought was true. Sure they had an album recorded by Steve Albini, and played a similar style of loud guitars and booming drums, but Gavin and Kurt were completely on the opposite sides of things.

The album is one of my favorites of all time. From the beginning growl of Gavin’s dog on “Personal Holloway,” to the dissonance of closing song “Distant Voices” and everything in between, Razorblade Suitcase was the perfect way to follow up Sixteen Stone. Lead single “Swallowed” was impactful and gritty yet full of sweet melody. Other wonderful songs like “Greedy Fly,” “Insect Kin,” “Cold Contagious,” “Bone Driven,” and “History” were absolute stand outs. Other tracks like “A Tendency To Start Fires,” “Synapse,” “Mouth,” and “Straight No Chaser,” offered something for every type of fan of the band. From the heavier tracks to the more delicate.

While Bush isn’t the most original band in the world, they are still part of the legacy of the 90’s that shouldn’t be ignored. Put the Nirvana comparisons aside and just listen and you’ll come away with an album that is deep and vulnerable. The playing and songwriting on this record is exceptional as well. Taking away the the polish of Sixteen Stone, Steve Albini put Bush in their natural element to really get at the true nature of the band. Gavin’s voice really shines on this album too. Razorblade Suitcase is often overlooked by many, but it’s not one that should be. Twenty years later this album still holds up if not better than when it first came out.


Bush- Razorblade Suitcase:



Music Videos:



Greedy Fly:


Cold Contagious:




Personal Holloway:






  1. Honestly, when this album came out everyone at my school ( i was in 8th grade haha) trashed this album. I was obsessed with Sixteen Stone and at that point in my life Bush was my all time fave band..again i was 13 haha. Anyhoo, I always LOVED this album and it was almost to the point where i was embarrassed to tell my friends i loved it. Flash forward 20 years and I still listen to RS & SS. Over time I prefer this album to SS. If i was to rank my all time favorite albums, this would crack the top 5! Fave track: Insect KIn

    1. What a great trip down memory lane. I too believe that Razorblade Suitcase is better than Sixteen Stone. There is so much more to the songs, and music than 16. Insect Kin is a great track. I remember seeing them play it live way back when.

      Thanks you for taking the time to comment.

      Thanks for reading too!



      1. Also, I have Amazon Music & I downloaded a new version of Razorblade Suitcase. It is remastered like the one from a couple of years ago but this one is loaded with four unreleased songs. “Old” “Broken TV” “Sleeper” & “Bubbles”. All are great songs and the best Bush songs I’ve heard since the “Disease of dancing cats” on “The Science of things”.

      2. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up on the re-release. I remember Bubbles and Broken TV very well. I think I have an old Bush Fan Club cd that had Broken TV on it.

        Do you like the new album Man On The Run? I find it to be pretty solid. the best thing they’ve done since Science of Things.

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