Album Review: Moving Structures- Awake


A while back I made the band Moving Structures the band of the week. During that time they were in the midst of working on their debut full length. Well it’s now out and it is tremendous. When you are an instrumental band, the ability to connect with listeners and invoke feeling without vocals and lyrics is not easy, but Moving Structures are one of the few bands I’ve heard to be able to do just that and then some. There is something truly remarkable about the melodies and tones that they use to get you to feel something more than usual. The power of not having vocals makes you think and delve deeper into your senses. The twelve songs on Moving Structures’s debut Awake, take you on a journey that allows the listener to grasp their intentions all the while making it something that transcends the genre. With bits of prog, ambience, and rock, Moving Structures have released an album that can become a new blueprint for instrumental bands to learn and expand upon.



From The Band:

By: Brian Lacy

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