Underrated Band: Cold


I can remember two times in my life when a genre of music has really hit me. First, in the early 90’s with bands like Nine Inch Nails and Alice In Chains. Then, again in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I’ve always thought I was born later than I should have been, so I could have been fully emerged in the 90’s movement. That’s not to say that I wasn’t, but it would have given me the opportunity to see some of those bands back then. When the “Nu Metal” phase hit, it grabbed my attention greatly. It spoke to me just as the “grunge” movement did, only now I was older and angrier than I was when I was younger. Bands like Deftones and Korn were constants in my stereo, discman, and in the car with my parents. There was a band in particular at that time that really stuck out to me and hit me hard. That band was Cold. The album of theirs that got me right off the bat was 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage. Songs like “No One,” “End Of The World,” “Confession,” “It’s All Good,” “Outerspace,” and “Bleed” would be the ones that resonated with me the most while listening to that album. The entire album was a huge help during my adolescence. But it wasn’t just that album. After hearing 13 Ways, I went out and got their self titled debut, and fell in love with that one too. To me the first album is a more grunge influenced album than nu metal. Songs like “Go Away,” “Give,” “Everyone Dies” really stood out to me and still do to this day. By the time their third album Year Of The Spider was released I was fully emersed in the band. Despite Cold losing their more “raw” aesthetic on Year Of The Spider, the songs still were just as impactful as their previous albums. Songs like “Remedy,” “Suffocate” featuring the very talented Sierra Swan, “Cure My Tragedy,” “Don’t Belong,” “The Day Seattle Died,” and “Black Sunday,” were the ones that drew my attention more than anything. During this time of the band, they started to really take off. Sadly the label they were on didn’t care enough to put forth the effort to push them the right way. Thus leading them to leave their label and sign with another for their next album. That album A Different Kind Of Pain, like 13 Ways To Bleed, is one of the most heart wrenching and intense albums of their career.  You can hear it in songs like “Back Home,” “Feel It In Your Heart,” “A Different Kind Of Pain,” “Happens All The Time,” and “Ocean.” After taking some time off, Cold released a new album in 2011 called Superfiction, which saw the band take a different approach lyrically by making it more story driven, adding to their already emotional lyrics. Now in 2016, the band is working on a new album to be released later in the year.

They say that music can save lives. I really believe that. Certain albums, lyrics, and the connection to music can really take you places that get you out of your own head. Scooter Ward the singer/guitarist for Cold writes some of the most personal, heartfelt lyrics. His pain and vulnerability shines though all the darkness that exists around him. The band helps to create music that not only fits his lyrics, but also helps create a vibe that makes it complete. Cold is one of the more underrated bands of the time. They have a way with melodies and emotions that can make you feel at peace amongst your own issues. It’s sad they got lumped in with that nu metal genre, as they were more of a grungy band than anything. Also the association with Fred Durst didn’t help much either, but that’s beside the point. Cold is a band that should have been huge. But as a testament to their willingness to be themselves, the fans they have love them, and swear by them.

Cold Live 2014:


13 Ways To Bleed On Stage:

Year Of The Spider:

A Different Kind Of Pain:



  1. Great article. Scooter and the guys always put their heart and soul into what they do and it’s been a long exciting journey from the days of Grundig to Cold. Here’s to the future. \m/

    1. Hey James!

      Thank you for reading and enjoying the article. I totally agree with how far they’ve come.

      Thanks again and for checking out audioeclectica!


  2. Just found this article while looking something up and I love it!! I can’t find anyone else who loves Cold as much as me, at least not around me. I’ve loved them since 13 Ways as well (then also subsequently got their first album) and Year of the Spider and A Different Kind of Pain hit me hard. I have been going through mental health issues my entire life and I still listen to them. Here in 2022 approaching the third year of the pandemic, and I am now disabled waiting for a second back surgery. One comment though, I remember their association more being with Aaron Lewis of Staind (who I also love) and not Fred Durst. But it’s possible I am missing that piece of knowledge somewhere. I do know they collaborated with Lewis on a few songs including Bleed.

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you found the article and enjoyed it. I’m sorry to hear about your second surgery. Positive vibes it all goes well! Cold is a great band! 13 Ways is a tremendous album that still holds up great! Yes, Fred Durst was very involved with them early on. As they are from the same area in Florida they crossed paths many times, especially in Scooter’s other band Grundig. Fred was also the one that got Ross Robinson to record their first album (Fred and Jonathan Davis of Korn appear in one of the videos from the first album). Fred also co-produced a couple songs on 13 Ways. he was the one that connected Aaron Lewis and Scooter! Hope that explains a bit more for you!

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