Album Review: Filter- Crazy Eyes


When you think of the band Filter these days, I would guess two songs come to mind, “Hey Man Nice Shot” and “Take A Picture.” One would think they have moved on from their early more industrial side of things, considering the last album didn’t really have any of those elements. Well Filter have just released a new album that harkens back to the Short Bus era and adds a bit of a modern approach. The new album Crazy Eyes is very influenced by the early days of Filter and a bit of Nine Inch Nails Broken era. Richard Patrick is back and angrier than he’s been in a long time. Armed with a band that helps realize his vision and tests the limits of electronic and industrial tones, the new album is one that stands out amongst the bands catalog. Songs like “Nothing In My Hands,” “Pride Flag,” “Take Me To Heaven,” and “Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck)” are complete standouts on this record. On a fun note Danny Lohner helped write and produce the song “City Of Blinding Riots,” which is a song that will be a great in a live setting. There is also an instrumental called “Under The Tongue” that is very Nine Inch Nailsesque in a good way.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Richard and he says “this album is a bit more reckless dangerous and quirky.” He also mentions that this incarnation is one of the most passionate version of the group since the early years.  He also goes on to say that “this album should be triumphant in its anger.” While the album is full of anger, social commentary, honesty and a DGAF attitude are very prevalent themes throughout. Filter have come back to their roots and it’s very fitting in a time when music is getting stale.

Filter- Crazy Eyes:

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