Band Of The Week: And We Are Them


And We Are Them, one of the first bands to be featured as Band Of The Week, just put out a new track called “Confirmation” off their upcoming E.P. entitled A Subtle Tyranny. The band whose influences include Quicksand, Thrice, No Knife and many others permeate through this new song. And We Are Them have a knack for coming up with songs that are energetic and full of melody. Each of their releases have shown great growth and ability as songwriters and a dynamic band. The conviction in which the song is sung and played is astounding. I think they’ve really upped their game with this new track. It’s a great play off their previous EP City Of Ghosts. If you haven’t checked out And We Are Them, now is your chance. And We Are Them are the kind of band that put their all into their music and it shows with every note played.


And We Are Them- Confirmation:


City Of Ghosts:




The Swindle:






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