Band Of The Week: InAeona


The band of the week feature is my absolute favorite category to write on my site. Not only do I get to discover new music, but I get to share that all with you. This week I present to you InAeona. This three piece from Boston combines epic and eerie melodies with space rock, post metal and bits of electronica (mainly from the ambient/industrial side). The band themselves have been at it for a while, developing their sound and gaining a passionate following. Their latest release Force Rise The Sun, is ferocious in its intensity and delivers an astounding amount of hope and passion. I had the pleasure of seeing InAeona a few months back when they played with Sidewave (a favorite of Audioeclectica’s), and their live show was intense and striking. InAeona is a band that needs to be on everyone’s radar. They really have the chops and package to really deliver a blast of rock that is needed in today’s music climate.

InAeona- Force Rise The Sun:


InAeona- Soldier:


InAeona- Sun|Moon:





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