Band Of The Week: 1000 Suns


Over the past few years I’ve really taken a liking to instrumental bands. There is something really intriguing about bands that can do it all musically without a singer. This weeks band of the week 1000 Suns falls into that realm of instrumental bands. 1000 Suns is a very inspired three piece that takes the instrumental game to another level. The bands use of effects, samples and electronics are used in a way that it enhances the sound. Since 2012, 1000 Suns have released two very intriguing and boundary pushing albums. Their songs range from moody pieces that transcend reality into something soothing, to epic and heavy songs that attack with tenacious riffs and arrangements. 1000 Suns are gearing writing for a new album release soon as well as enlightening audiences with their live show.

1000 Suns- The Body The Mind:

1000 Suns- The Spirit Molecule:







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