Band Of The Week: Choirs


Over the past 16 years I’ve really developed a love for the post-hardcore genre. There is something about the vulnerability of these bands that strikes a chord with me. I really love when these types of bands take it a step further and include influences you normally wouldn’t find in this type of music. All this brings me to this weeks band of the week Choirs. This Bakersfield, CA based quintet is soaking in lush post-hardcore melody. I would describe their music as a cross between Sparta, Thursday and Explosions In The Sky. The added use of ambience in their music helps to create a distance from the generic norm of post-hardcore. They have been releasing  music since 2011 and are gearing up to hit the studio again very shortly. Choirs are on the path to really taking their music to the next level especially after their previous release Usalkt, which is quite captivating.

Choirs- Usalkt:

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