Bands That Should Come Back: Systematic


One of my favorite things to do is go back and listen to albums I haven’t heard in a long time. Sometimes I grab a CD at random other times I know exactly what I’m looking for. I woke up the other morning with a song stuck in my head and had to go put the album on. The album was Systematic’s Somewhere In Between and the song was “Beginning Of The End.” As I’m sitting in my spot listening to this album it made me think why isn’t this band still together? Systematic had all the makings of a great hard rock band. They have crunchy heavy riffs, thumping bass, pounding drums, great vocals and melodies. You know all the things that make up a great rock band. They even had the Metallica stamp of approval. Lars would go on to sign them to his imprint label. Systematic would go on to release two albums, Somewhere In Between and Pleasure To Burn. During the second album there was a lineup change and Paul Bostaph (who had played with Slayer) joined in on drums. Singer/guitarist Tim Narducci has one hell of a voice and partnered up with guitarist Adam Ruppel, made a very intriguing songwriting team. Songs like “Beginning Of The End,” “Dopesick,” “Deep Colors Bleed,” “Bedsores,” “Not Like You,” “Pleasure To Burn,” “Where We Live And Die,” and “Leaving Only Scars,” are quite compelling. Sadly in 2004 the band called it quits and moved on to other projects. Then in 2011 to celebrate the ten year anniversary of their debt album, Systematic reunited for a few shows only to call it a day soon after that. This band should have gone on to big things. The songs and albums still hold and their live shows were full of energy. So how about it Systematic!!!!

Systematic- Somewhere In Between:


Systematic- Pleasure To Burn:


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