Band Of The Week: Matriarchs



The hardcore genre has undergone a few changes since its inception, but the true spirit of what the genre started as lives on in a few bands still. Last weekend while I was at the Whisky to see Vision Of Disorder, the first band I saw that night left me really excited. Matriarchs delivered the goods and represented hardcore music to the fullest. Their sound incorporates a tinge of metal, yet still rings true to the roots. Their EP Scandalous Jointz, reminds me of old school Hatebreed and Agnostic Front with a little bit of old Throwdown in there. Live, these guys are intense and command the stage. Vocalist Richard Barthel is quite a force. His gutteral vocals and true to life lyrics get the point across clearly. The band also features ex-members of well-known bands like Hoods, Ruckus, and The Faceless, making Matriarchs a band with countless influences to expand upon as time goes on. Check them out if you need to get your fix of well done hardcore.




Better Off Dead:


Slave City:




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