A few months back I wrote a piece about the band Memento. since their break up in the mid 2000’s, I had always hoped that they would reform. There was a slight chance of that happening a few years back with a band called Nine Times Bodyweight, but that didn’t really go anywhere. Then something really cool happened to me yesterday. I got an email about a notification of a comment on the post I write about Memento from the bands guitarist Jason “Space” Smith, saying that Memento was back. And just like that I had the biggest smile on my face. I immediately grabbed my Memento CD and put it on and played it quite a few times. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Memento got a raw deal by not being pushed by their label and being lumped into the “Nu Metal” genre. This band is one of the bands that was very underrated and a pleasure to watch live. Now we all get a chance to experience them again. Welcome back Memento!!!

Here is a video they posted of Justin (Vocals) and Space (guitar) playing “Below” acoustically in the studio recently.


Nothing Sacred:



Figure 8:







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