Band Of The Week: Here Lies The Hero


Since last Friday when I saw Socionic, I’ve been listening to the band that opened the evening Here Lies The Hero. Their blend of metal and post hardcore is quite exceptional. The band formed in 2010 in Texas and relocated to Los Angeles in 2013. Since that time the band has really pushed hard to make a name for themselves, playing shows with the likes of Trivium, Norma Jean, Letlive and countless others. Their 2014 EP Adrift, is a very vulnerable yet full of optimism. Musically this band especially the guitars are technical and precise while full of heaviness and melody. Amongst their peers in this genre of music, Here Lies The Hero are quite the band to watch for.  And by the indication of the new songs they played at the show I saw them at, they are moving in the right direction with what they are doing.





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