Live Review: Soilwork At The Whisky


One of the coolest things about going to concerts pretty much my entire life has been to be able to see so many great bands. There are times that you don’t really dig on their newest material so you pass when they come to town. Last night, a friend of mine convinced me to go to the Whisky to see Soilwork. I haven’t seen them in about 10 years, and they crushed it. Soilwork just released a really solid new album called The Ride Majestic.  A good few songs from the new one were played along with some classics and other deep cuts from their catalog. The band themselves seemed like they were really having a great time on stage. This was also the last night of their current tour, thus allowing them to leave it all out on stage. Singer Bjorn “Speed” Strid’s vocals were crisp and tight as tight can be. Even the crowd for it being a Monday night was extremely into their set. The pit was moving and the people were singing along. Not to mention that the sound inside the Whisky even sounded good. All in all it was a great night, and Soilwork made it that much better.

Also playing was Shattered Sun from Texas. Their brand of metal is akin to the likes of Killswitch Engage meets a bit of the Swedish metal. These youngsters were going all out and put on a good show. The only draw back was the banter in between songs. Given enough time to properly develop their sound, Shattered Sun could be on the rise to bigger things. On a side note their guitarist Jesse Santos is one hell of a player. His leads on the songs and backing vocals really helped gain my attention. It makes me really intrigued to see what they do next.

Before Shattered Sun was Earthside. This 4 piece instrumental band was good, and brought out a good vibe for the evening to break up some of the heavy. Their set was decent and you could tell that these guys were having a great time on their first tour. Speed from Soilwork does guest vocals on a track on their new album, but didn’t sing with the group onstage, which was kind of a let down.

It was a fun night to be back out in my old stomping grounds from my youth. Seeing Soilwork again after many years was quite fun, nostalgic, and reenergizing. I’ve been away from the “Metal” scene for a bit, but as long as bands like Soilwork are still around and commanding the stages they play, I’ll keep coming back.

Soilwork Setlist:

The Ride Majestic
Bastard Chain
The Crestfallen
Death In General
Alight In The Aftermath
Follow The Hollow
Petrichor In Sulfer
Stabbing The Drama
Spectrum Of Eternity
Let This River Flow
Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter


Rejection Role
Enemies In Fidelity
Rise Above The Sentiment


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