Band Of The Week: Back Pocket Memory


In all my years as a music fan, there are a few things I look for in bands I listen to, one of the biggest thing is melody. You can be the heaviest band in the world, but if there is no sense of melody, it tends to come across as just noise. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this band of the week feature to find great bands that are out there that people may or may not have heard of. This week I present to you Back Pocket Memory. This five piece from the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank, California writes music with great melodies and pure passion. The best way to describe the band is if you took Foo Fighters from the era of There’s Nothing Left To Lose and melded it with Incubus. There are heavy moments mixed with great amounts of melody, and softer parts that really show off the dynamics of the band. Their new full length album, Victory and Empire comes out in November and the first single “Rob The Young,” really highlights the growth these guys have shown from their first EP till now. If you like you music with great melodies and a delicate nature of passion and heart, then Back Pocket Memory is the band for you.

Rob The Young:


The Prisonser:

By: Brian Lacy


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