Amazing Must Own Albums: With Our Arms To The Sun- A Far Away Wonder


When I first heard With Our Arms To The Sun, I was completely taken aback. The way this band captivated me was astounding. The gents in this band have such passion and skill it bleeds all over this masterful piece of music. There is a true artistic approach to what With Our Arms To The Sun create. They make music for all the right reasons. i’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live and I can tell you their live shows are one hell of an experience. Their album A Far Away Wonder was released last year, and has not left my rotation of albums I listen to. From the start of the album the songs build and explode with great prowess and intensity. There are elements of prog rock, metal, psychedelia and lots of melody throughout the album. Interspersed through the mainly instrumental album are bits of vocals, that add another dimension to the already impressiveness of the record. Every song on this album is in the right order is meant to be there. There is not one ounce of filler on it. Recently, With Our Arms signed to Fade To Silence records and are gearing up to re-release the album as well as preparing for multiple shows including a halloween show with Tool. With Our Arms To The Sun are a transcendent bright spot in a world that is lacking honesty and realism. Do yourself a favor and listen to this and buy it. You won’t be disappointed!!!

With Our Arms To The Sun- A Far Away Wonder:

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