Album Review: Sidewave- Glass Giant

a1133937347_10When I first started Audioeclectica the main goal was to spread the word about great music and bands. Sidewave was one of the first bands I wrote about and have had the pleasure of watching them bloom into a great band. From their first show till now, Sidewave has grown by leaps and bounds. Now the band has released their debut album Glass Giant and it is a tremendous album that really captures the bands essence. Sidewave incorporates the right amount of influence and individuality to make this debut stand out. Their mix of influences includes Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, and Shiner.  Mixed by Aaron Harris (Palms, ISIS, Puscifer), the epic, bombastic sound of Sidewave, fits perfectly in with the resurgence of 90’s rock. The songs go from heavier to spacey, to delicate, in a way that allows a gradual flow to the album. Songs like “Lace,” “Supersonic,” “Illusion Of Light, and “This Is Who You Are,” are all standouts on Glass Giant. The foursome of Phil Golyshko (Vocals / Guitar) William Collins (Guitar / Synth), Matthew Russel (Bass / Vocals) Brandon Dickert (Drums / Vocals) have created music that can help bring this music back to the forefront. Do yourself a favor and check out this album. It’ll be well worth your time and money!

Sidewave- Glass Giant:

By: Brian Lacy


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