Band Of The Week: Night Verses

12003227_866794286768407_1730607431739606216_nI love that music can take you different places and make you feel something more than you are used to. There truly is something remarkable in the way a band can help heal a wound, soothe your soul, or just be able to let out your aggression. This past week has been very melancholy for myself and while I was sitting and wallowing I came across this band Night Verses.  When I heard the first song on their album Lift Your Existence, “Introducing: The Rot Under The Sun,” instantly there was a connection to their music and lyrics and I knew this band was a keeper. Musically this bands influences range from post hardcore, prog rock. and shoegaze, Imagine Tool, mixed with Deftones, and a bit of Isis and a dash of At the Drive In and you get Night Verses. You can tell by listening, that these guys take what they do seriously as their passion bleeds through each song. Their debut album is 15 tracks of greatness. Recently the band entered the studio with Ross Robinson to work on their follow up album.

Celestial Fires:


Be Happy With Yourself, I’m Staying Here In Hell:

I’ve Lost My Way Back Down:


By: Brian Lacy


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