Band Of The Week: Dead Empires

11002622_1073591696000466_1349041302344998780_nNestled in Hudson Valley, New York is a three piece band called Dead Empires. These guys have a very deep heavy sound combined with the prowess of gentle melody.Their wide array of influences helps to create lush landscapes of sound, all the while pushing the boundaries of being a traditional instrumental band. Their new album Secret Snakes/ Silent Serpent, has everything a rock music fan would enjoy minus the vocals. I find myself coming up with lyrics and vocal melodies while listening to their album. From what I can tell from their videos online, they put on one hell of an energetic show and their love of the music shows through in all that they do. Dead Empires is alive and well, and on their way to making a name for themselves.

Dead Empires- Secret Snakes/Silent Serpent:

By: Brian Lacy

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