Band Of The Week: Chiefs

10997786_818208184881510_3259382847621711185_nI’ve said it many time before, there are certain areas that really inspire others and bring out the creativity in people. Chiefs is another great example of that. Originally a two-piece that formed in Phoenix, AZ, soon found themselves relocating to San Diego, CA after releasing two demos, touring and playing often around the Phoenix Valley. Shortly after, Chiefs released their third demo EP entitled Buffalo Roam, and added numerous shows to support it, the group became a three-piece with the permanent addition of a bassist which filled out the low-end of the band and exponentially filled out their sound. Chiefs debut full-length, Tomorrow’s Over, is a genuine slab of rock n roll with the added elements of desert/stoner rock. Now a four piece band, Chiefs is definitely a band to look out for, as they take their inspired music on a long journey.

By: Brian Lacy

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