Band Of The Week: Wooden Nomad


When a band can really encompass their influences in their music yet sound original, it’s quite an accomplishment. Wooden Nomad from Oxnard, CA feature guitarist Angelo Miles, bassist Angel Chavez, drummer Danny Fitz and vocalist Tim Straw. These guys have taken their love of stoner rock especially Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and lots of others from the early to mid 90’s. The music that Wooden nomad has created was made in Palm Desert (birthplace of Kyuss) with producer Brad Garrow. Their first full length, The Sound Of Earth is a heavy, chunky, riff laden album. Having played countless shows and stealing audiences the gents in Wooden Nomad grew even tighter. Now in 2015, they have just released their new album Pain As A Source Of Light. This album shows the growth of the band and just how tight they got since the release of their first album. Wooden Nomad is definitely a band to watch out for.

Take A Listen Here:

By: Brian Lacy


One comment

  1. I watched them for the first time last weekend, and I wasn’t suprised they’re all good musicians; and yes they “stole the show”.
    Angelo laying down some hard riffs, with a full stack Marshall, and the cohesion of a powerful singer, heart pounding drums, and the tight bassist; it was sonically euphoric to the ear.
    Together all the members of Wooden Nomad, are a force to be reconned with.
    I am a FAN.
    Keep Rocking \m/

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