Classic Soundtracks: Eddie Vedder- Into The Wild


When I first heard this album I was completely taken aback. To me it seemed like an album Neil Young didn’t finish and handed it to Eddie Vedder and said here do your thing. Sean Penn directed the movie version of Into The Wild and hand picked Eddie to do the soundtrack. As The story goes Sean Penn set up a viewing of a rough cut of the film, after which Eddie quickly got to work. After three days, Eddie gave Sean a range of material to work with. Sean then placed into the film what Eddie had given him, and Eddie then continued on to work on more material that Sean could add to the film. The songs Eddie came up with are rooted in folk music. There are also a couple songs that weren’t written by Eddie. The song “Hard Sun” is a cover of Gordon Peterson’s (better known as Indio). Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney performs backing vocals on the song as well. For the song “Society,” Eddie worked with singer/songwriter Jerry Hannan. Also a fun note the song “Guaranteed” won Eddie A Golden Globe, but was interestingly not nominated for an Oscar for the song. The length of the songs are quite short and it leaves you wanting more. It’s a great album to relax to or play after a long night on your way home.

Into The Wild Soundtrack:


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