Band Of The Week: MAL

11001536_10152723842696446_2888187563296658093_oI really enjoy when friends of mine recommend bands to me. Recently, my friend Josh of with Our Arms To The Sun (a band that you all should listen to) told me about this band MAL. After giving them a listen I really enjoyed what I heard. These guys have the ability to mix genres and make something genuinely creative. Blending their love of alternative rock, stoner rock, and progressive rock, MAL has been able to create music that is captivating to listen to.  This three piece band really digs deep in their craft. Their newest song Acqua Macabre is part Rush, Tool, and Failure. Musically these guys really know their instruments and know to go from quiet to loud at the right time. I really look forward to seeing what these guys do.

Acqua Macabre:

By: Brian Lacy


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