Band Of The Week: Hidden Cabins

11096627_867283553334164_5558252026330561227_nThere are certain voices that resonate well within multiple genres. One of my favorite things to hear a singer that is in a heavy rock band and hear them stripped down and let them show how good of a vocalist they really are. I did a band of the week piece a while back on a band called Damn This Desert Air, and their singer Craig Cirinelli has always stayed in my head. Craig has another project called Hidden Cabins. The duo consists of Craig Cirinelli (vocals/percussion) and Brian Hofgesang (guitars/effects/vocals). This two piece collective is genre expanding, melodic, and really soothing. The group has released a  plentiful collection of songs over the last couple years and continue to put out quality songs at a steady pace. With Memorial Day this weekend, Hidden Cabins is the perfect soundtrack for late night BBQ’s, fire pits, and just relaxing.

Hidden Cabins:

By: Brian Lacy

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