Great Comedy Albums: Mitch Hedberg- Strategic Grill Locations


One of my all time favorite comedians is Mitch Hedberg. His unique style of comedy resonated with my humor so well it. It’s such a shame that he succumbed to his addictions in 2005. Mitch did leave quite a wonderful legacy of jokes and his style has influenced countless comedians over the years. His first comedy album is one of my favorites, and I listen to it constantly. Strategic Grill Locations was recorded at The Laff Stop Comedy Club in Houston, Texas on September 7, 1999. The album was originally self-published by Hedberg and sold through his website and at shows.  When time came to release his second album, Mitch All Together (another great comedy album), the Comedy Central label also re-released Strategic Grill Locations. This album contains 21 tracks of great jokes, stories and one-liners. During the show Mitch was also accompanied by musician Chuck Savage on a giant standup bass, making Mitch’s delivery all that much more fun and captivating. So take the time today to enjoy some comedy!!!

Mitch Hedberg- Strategic Grill Locations:


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