Album Review: Faith No More- Sol Invictus

faithnomoresolcdcoverMost of the time when a band announces their return after a very long hiatus, it is usually met with great excitement. At the same time there is always hope that the reunion brings new music from the band. Sometimes it works out for the best and other times it fails miserably like it did with the latest Soundgarden album King Animal. One of the most anticipated albums of 2015 has been the new album from Faith No More. At first when they released their first singles “Motherfucker” and “Superhero” those songs weren’t anything special. If anything they seemed like just fun songs they came up with and released them to just wet the appetite of their fans. I can honestly say that the album itself is quite good. It could be taken as the logical followup to their 1997 swan song Album Of The Year. The band themselves have not lost a step at all during the 18 year gap between albums. If anything, Faith No More seems reinvigorated and ready to take back what should have been theirs to begin with. Songs like “Cone Of Shame, (my personal favorite on the album)” “Sunny Side Up,” “Black Friday,” and “Matador” are all outstanding tracks. Even the first two songs the released fit in the scheme of the album better than they do on their own.

I wouldn’t say this is a perfect album, but it does hit the mark. One of the best things about the Sol Invictus is that it leaves you wanting more. Faith No More really delivered the goods on this one.

Scale of 1-10: 8

Faith No More-Sol Invictus:

By: Brian Lacy

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