Bands That Should Come Back: Orange 9mm

350_orange9mmThe 90’s are really trying to claw it’s way back into music, and that is a good thing. The influence of so many great bands from the era are really shining with a newer generation of bands. Not to mention the revival of so many great bands from the 90’s that are getting back together and releasing new music. One band I’d love to see get back together is Orange 9mm. Formed in 1994, they released their major label release Driver Not Included in 1995. This album was produced by Dave Jerden (Jane’s Addiction, Alice In Chains). Orange 9mm had a punk rock mentality that came across in their music all the while being able to throw in other influences that made separated them from the pack. While touring on their first album they shared the stage with bands such as Quicksand, Deftones, Korn and Helmet. The follow up to Driver Not Included was the fabulous album Tragic which was produced by David Sardy (Helmet, Marilyn Manson), Sadly though before the first tour for the album founding member Chris Traynor left the band to go play for Helmet. Not one to retreat, Chaka Malik and the others carried on. They spent a good amount of time writing and recording a great deal of material under a wide range of influences. Periodically, the band would perform one-offs and small weekend runs; during this period they released a split EP in Japan. Following the release of their EP, Ultraman vs. Godzilla, the band released what would wind up being their final album, 1999’s Pretend I’m Human.

Orange 9mm was a band that was full of energy and intensity. Their music had that flair that Quicksand had as well as the diversity as the Deftones. It’s too bad they didn’t last longer with their original lineup, they really could have made a bigger name for themselves.

Orange 9mm- Driver Not Included:

Orange 9mm- Tragic:

Orange 9mm- Pretend I’m Human:


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