Band Of The Week: The Bloodline

10665389_10152623546144671_5457465118976980338_nModern metal has been taking many different turns over the last few years. There are so many new genres within the metal community that it’s hard to keep up with. One of the genres that have stayed the course has been the melodic metal genre. So many bands, have tried but they don’t understand the key component to the “melodic” sensibility. Thankfully, The Bloodline does know how to incorporate melodic with the heavy. The Bloodline have worked to create a sound that is well balanced between the melodic and the more groove oriented styles.  The Chicago quartet of Travis Neal, Shaun Glass, Chuck Wepfer, and Frankie Harchut really seem to have bled (pun totally intended) their heart and souls into this album and it shows. Songs like “We Are One,” “With Fire (Comes Absolution)” pack a huge punch of heaviness and hooks that leave you banging your head and singing along. The Bloodline are definitely a band you should watch out for if you are a fan of this type of music.


With Fire:

By: Brian Lacy

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