Band Of The Week: All Hail The Yeti


Formed in 2006, and armed with a take no prisoners approach All Hail The Yeti earned a very loyal fan base with their sludgy heavy guitars and strong presence on stage that left audiences wanting more. The band was formed by Canadian vocalist and tattoo artist Connor Garritty. They released an EP titled “Trees On Fire With Songs Of Blood,”  in 2010. It began to sink in with local fans with live favorites like “Deep Creek”. During this time the band started playing higher profile show with the likes of Times of Grace, Soulfly, Fear Factory, and Suicide Silence. It had become clear that All Hail The Yeti had grown into much more than a “local” band. In late 2011, All Hail The Yeti entered the studio to record their debut full length, with producers Tommy Decker and Mike Sarkisyan of Spineshank. With songs like of “Suicide Woods”  and “After The Great Fire,” the band has been able to transcend on the fringes of an epic journey and churning vocal melodies. Now in 2015 the band after countless tour and shows, have entered the process of recording their follow up to their debut album.

After The Great Fire:

All Hail The Yeti Live:

Listen at:

By: Brian Lacy

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