Live Show Review: Jeremy Enigk At The Troubadour


When you hear the voice of a band on it’s own, it really shows the vulnerability and strength of just what that person has to offer. Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate came into town on Sunday night and lit the crowd on fire. He was in top notch form and delivered the goods. His set was only a little over an hour long but it could have gone on all night. The Troubadour was the perfect setting for his return to the stage after 5 years. The new songs he sang sounded massive with just him playing. They were signature Jeremy, but had so much more to offer from a mature stand point. The classics he sang were beautiful and really went over well with the audience, not that they wouldn’t. One of the biggest highlights was his cover of The Police song “King Of Pain.” I personally can’t stand The Police (mainly because I can’t stand Sting as a person). This cover was tremendous and really stood out to me. As much as I and a lot of people would love a new Sunny Day Real Estate album, these new songs that Jeremy sang will for sure wet the appetite of those wanting just that. Speaking of his new album, Jeremy has launched a pledgemusic campaign to get his new album to all.

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