Band Of The Week: The Everyday Losers

11055201_915688818450413_3728623161412012303_nIt’s really nice to hear the resurgence of loud rock bands coming back to the forefront. Bands that have a knack for being able to write solid rock songs with melody. I present you Indiana’s The Everyday Losers. Combining their love for heavy hard rock and 90’s alternative, especially Nirvana, Silverchair and Bush. The Everyday Losers released their debut EP “Songs for Us All” in June 2011 and their second EP “Social Paradise” in January 2012. The band released their debut album “Revel in the Chaos” in June 2014 with 2 singles released so far.  They have toured nationally with Saliva and Future Leaders of the World, and shared the stage with some of the bigger radio rock bands from the last few years. These guys are radio ready but without the silly generic sound that comes with all those bands. In February they released a new EP entitled “Underexposed – Live and Acoustic” via Dead Industry Records.

The Everyday Losers- Underexposed Live and Acoustic:

Listen on Reverb Nation:

By: Brian Lacy


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