List: Best Vocalist

I’ve done lists about the greatest bassists, guitarists, and drummers but have yet to conquer the vocalist list. So here we go. In NO PARTICULAR ORDER, here is the list of the best vocalists. Again if I missed any add them in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list!


1. Jim Morrison- The Doors
2. Robert Plant- Led Zeppelin
3. Roger Daltry- The Who
4. Trent Reznor- Nine Inch Nails
5. Jon Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi
6. Philip Anselmo- Pantera/Down
7. Ken Andrews- Failure/Year Of The Rabbit/On
8. Chino Moreno- Deftones/Crosses/Palms
9. James Hetfield- Metallica
10. Layne Staley- Alice In Chains
11. Eddie Vedder- Pearl Jam
12. Chris Cornell- Soundgarden
13. Mark Lanegan- Screaming Trees
14. Thom Yorke- Radiohead
15. Jerry Cantrell- Alice In Chains
16. William Duvall- Alice In Chains
17. Jasan Radford- One Side Zero/Abloom
18. Jimmy Gnecco- Ours
19. Gavin Rossdale- Bush
20. Maynard James Keenan- Tool/A Perfect Circle
21. Kurt Cobain- Nirvana
22. Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters
23. Corey Taylor- Slipknot/Stone Sour
24. Johnny Rivers
25. Lajon Witherspoon- Sevendust
26. Clint Lowery- Sevendust/Call Me No One
27. Scott Kelly- Neurosis/The Road Home/Corrections House
28. Josh Homme- Queens Of The Stone Age
29. Scott Weiland
30. Mike Patton- Faith No More/Fantomas/Mr. Bungle/etc
31. David Bowie
32. Roger Waters- Pink Floyd
33. David Gilmour- Pink Floyd
34. Robert Smith- The Cure
35. Dave Gahan- Depeche Mode
36. Morrissey- The Smiths
37. Jonny Rotten- Sex Pistols
38. Joey Ramone- Ramones
39. Lou Reed- The Velvet Underground
40. Bob Dylan
41. Jack Bruce- Cream
42. Ian Curtis- Joy Division
43. Bruce Dickinson- Iron Maiden
44. Rob Halford- Judas Priest
45. Neil Young
46. Richard Patrick- Filter
47. Jimi Hendrix
48. Ozzy Osbourne
49. Ronnie James Dio
50. Grace Slick- Jefferson Airplane
51. Peter Steele- Type O Negative
52. Jesse Leach- Killswitch Engage/Times Of Grace
53. Brent Smith- Shinedown
54. Iggy Pop
55. Daniel Johns- Silverchair
56. Jim Ward- Sparta
57. Cedric Bixler- At The Drive In/The Mars Volta
58. Stephen Brodsky- Cave In/Mutoid Man
59. Bob Mould
60. Pete Loeffler- Chevelle
61. Aaron Lewis- Staind
63. Axl Rose- Guns N Roses
64. Perry Farrell- Jane’s Addiction/Porno For Pyros
65. Chuck Ragan- Hot Water Music
66. Ian Astbury- The Cult
67. Jeremy Enigk- Sunny Day Real Estate/The Fire Theft
68. Beth Gibbons- Portishead
69. Brian Molko- Placebo
70. Hope Sandoval- Mazzy Star
71. Ben Flanagan- The Trophy Fire/Black Map
72. Gavin Hayes- Dredg
73. Henry Rollins
74. Marilyn Manson
75. Jesse Hasek- 10 Years
76. Jonny Hawkins- Nothing More
77. Freddie Mercury- Queen
78. Don Henley- Eagles
79. Lindsey Buckingham- Fleetwood Mac
80. Stevie Nicks- Fleetwood Mac
81. Matt Berninger- The National
82. Matt Talbot- Hum
83. Walter Schreifels- Quicksand/Rival Schools
84. John Bush- Armored Saint/Anthrax
85. David Coverdale- Whitesnake
86. Sebastian Bach
87. Jeff Angell- Walking Papers
88. Scooter Ward- Cold
89. Billy Idol
90. Billy Corgan- Smashing Pumpkins
91. Jesse Lacey- Brand New
92. Jonathan Davis- Korn
93. Brandon Boyd- Incubus
94. Pepper Keenan- Corrosion Of Conformity
95. Shirley Manson- Garbage
96. Janis Joplin
97. Ann Wilson- Heart
98. Fiona Apple
99. Joe Elliot- Def Leppard
100. John Fogerty- Creedence Clearwater Revival


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