Bands That Should Come Back: Mudvayne



Last week I made a post about Nothingface being a band that should come back. With that in mind I’m writing about Mudvayne this week. Mudvayne had a different approach to the music they put out. When their album LD 50 came out, it was met with high praise throughout the metal community. That album is still thought of as a quintessential album of the early 2000’s. Through their career, they started experimenting with melody and more straight forward styles of song writing. More often than not, it just didn’t work, but when they stuck to their guns, Mudvayne wrote some really great songs. Their final album, was a step back in the right direction, with riffs and rhythms that harked back to their LD 50 days. One thing with Mudvayne was that their live shows were always full of energy and excitement. Instead of coming back to the group and getting back to basics, Hellyeah became the main priority to singer Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbet (though Greg finally left the waste of time that Hellyeah is). I strongly think that if Mudvayne were to come back it would be with welcome arms and they would come back with a real sense of purpose to deliver the goods as they once could. 




Death Blooms:


Not Falling:


World So Cold:




Dull Boy:


Scream With Me:


Heard It All Before:



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