Bands That Should Come Back: Nothingface


The late 90’s and early 2000’s were a very interesting time for heavy music. There was a resurgence of rock music in the mainstream, with bands like Korn, System Of A Down, and many others. One band that didn’t get the recognition they should have was Nothingface. Formed in 1994 in the DC area, Nothingface combined metal, alternative, death metal and a healthy shot of melody. Their debut album Pacifier was written off as a “Korn ripoff band,” but on their follow up An Audio Guide To Everyday Atrocity, they abandoned that sound and featured the heavy metal and alternative metal sound they became known for. In 2000 their break out album Violence was released featuring the single “Bleeder.” In 2003 thier final album Skeletons was released.This album is considered their most diverse, featuring some of the band’s heaviest as well as most melodic material especially the song “Ether.” That summer, the band played on the second-stage of Ozzfest. Sadly though, the group disbanded on February 10, 2004, citing musical differences, infighting and lack of support of their label. There were multiple attempts over the years to get the band back up and running but it seemed that something always held it back. Nothingface was a stand out band amongst the pack due to their use of melody and clean vocals. It’s a real shame that it didn’t work out. Guitarist Tom Maxwell is now wasting his time playing in the atrocious Hellyeah. Who knows what will happen over time, but if Nothingface were to return it sure would be a nice welcome back.




By: Brian Lacy


  1. Totally agree Nothingface to me was the best metal band of that time. Seen them live 3 times. The best live band you could see. Watched Matt Holt cough up blood because he was screaming so hard! Talked to Tom Maxwell back in 2008 he said if Matt would “clean up” he would love to get back together. Nothingface was the best I will always love there music!!

      1. Actually I am a drummer and I have been searching for Matt Holt. Shit I would be his drummer. He has the best metal voice and a nice singing voice too! He is the best!

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