End Of The Year List: Nominees For Best Guitar Duo

We are now in December and the end of the year lists will be coming out soon. So I thought why not start the first annual Audioeclectica Awards. The first category this year is guitar duos. Here are the requirements to be in this category. Must have released an album/EP this year. Must be 2 guitar players in the band. And It doesn’t matter if the band is signed or not! With that in mind here are the nominees! Vote in the comments!!

1. Mastodon- Brent Hinds and Bill Kellher
2. With Our Arms To The Sun- Josh Breckinridge and Joseph Leary
3. And We Are Them- Chris Matalone and Nick Bradford
4. Aeges- Kemble Walters and Cory Clark
5. New Cathedral- Ricky Stevens and Scott Perez
6. Slipknot- Jim Root and Mick Thompson
7. Wovenwar- Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso
8. Sevendust- Clint Lowery and John Connolly
9. Every Time I Die- Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams
10. At The Gates- Andres Bjorler and Martin Larsson


One comment

  1. With our arms to the sun is a unique experience, heavy bass, (which I adore) and some serious guitar riffs. Good luck guys!

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