Album Rank: Alice In Chains




Alice In Chains is in the top 2 of my favorite bands of all time list. I thought today would be a good day to rank their albums from not the best to their best.




Black Gives Way To Blue:


The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here:


Alice In Chains:




Jar Of Flies:




By: Brian Lacy


  1. Good ordering. Dirt is their masterpiece, and Jar of Flies shows the band’s versatility. It brings a whole other side out of Layne Staley vocally.
    My only quibble would be that Black Gives Way to Blue is stronger than Dinosaurs – the latter plods in places and lacks some of the vitality that came with the band finding itself again with William DuVall on board.

      1. Fair point. I should give Dinosaurs a bit more of a spin. There are some cracking tracks on it – Hollow and Stone for starters.
        When they toured the UK last autumn they didn’t play many songs from it, focusing instead on Staley-era material.

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