Greatest Bassists

Bass is one instrument that often goes overlooked. The following list are the best bassists (In no particular order).

1. John Paul Jones- Led Zeppelin
2. John Entwistle- The Who
3. Geezer Butler- Black Sabbath
4. Noel Redding- Jimi Hendrix Experience
5. Mike Inez- Alice In Chains
6. Mike Starr- Alice In Chains
7. Krist Novaselic- Nirvana
8. Ben Sheppard- Soundgarden
9. Jeff Ament- Pearl Jam
10. Sergio Vega- Quicksand/Deftones
11. Cliff Burton- Metallica
12. Steve Harris- Iron Maiden
13. Caleb Scofield- Cave In/Old Man Gloom
14. Chi Cheng- Deftones
15. Sergio Vega- Deftones/Quicksand
16. Dave Edwardson- Neurosis
17. Rex Brown- Pantera/Down
18. Greg Edwards- Failure
19. Billy Gould- Faith No More
20. Tom Araya- Slayer
21. Frank Bello- Anthrax
22. Robert Trujillo- Metallica/Infectious Grooves
23. Jason Newstead- Metallica
24. Duff McKagen- Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver/Walking Papers
25. Jack Bruce- Cream
26. Pino Palladino
27. Eric Avery- Jane’s Addiction
28. John Bakers Sanders- Mad Season
29. Troy Sanders- Mastodon
30. Roger Waters- Pink Floyd
31. Tim Commerford- Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave
32. Brian Cook- Botch/These Arms Are Snakes/Russian Circles
33. Marcello Diaz- Abloom/Soulfly
34. Doug Yule- The Velvet Underground
35. Jeff Caxide- Isis/Palms
36. Trevor Dunn- Mr. Bungle/Tomahawk/Fantomas
37. Chuck Dukowski- Black Flag
38. Nate Mendel- Foo Fighters/Sunny Day Real Estate
39. Danny Lohner- Nine Inch Nails
40. Nick Oliveri- Queens Of The Stone Age
41. Scott Reeder- Kyuss/Unida
42. Mike Dean- Corrosion Of Conformity
43. Ryan Martine- Mudvayne
44. Ty Zamora- Alien Ant Farm
45. Les Claypool- Primus
46. Justin Chancellor- Tool
47. Victor Wooten

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