Band Of The Week: Silver Snakes


Building on the post-hardcore/alternative hybrid, Silver Snakes delivers a heavy, uncompromising, melodic sensibility to their genre. Silver Snakes recently released Year Of The Snake, the follow up to 2011’s Pictures of a Floating World. This new album is well rounded. It goes beyond the normal post-hardcore formula and expands to include delicate textures, acoustic elements and more of a heavier foray. Throughout their time as a band, Silver Snakes have toured with bands such as HRVRD, Broadway Calls, Sainthood Reps, Defeater, Junius, Souvenirs and Aeges (who have been featured here!) and done scattered dates with Coheed & Cambria, Balance & Composure, Shiner, Touché Amore, and Narrows. The band has also appeared at festivals such as Sound & Fury, Gainesville’s The Fest, Fun Fun Fun Nights and South By Southwest. Silver Snakes are definitely a band to look out for when they come to your town! Singer/guitarist is also a sought after producer/engineer. His credits include Silver Snakes, And We Are Them, Touche Amore, Nails, and more.


By: Brian Lacy

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