Live Review: Dekades at The Silverlake Lounge


Some bands have the ability to completely conquer a venue and make you forget that you are at a dingy place. Dekades did that for me. Their powerful set was a buildup of ambience to all out rock, playing songs off their EP 1.1 and then some. Singer/guitarist Arden Fisher has a voice that is amazing live as it on on record. She believes every word that is being sung and does it all very convincingly. The band themselves are very sound in their playing especially the energy coming from the drummer during their set. His facial expressions encompass his passion for playing and being in the band. The other guitarist and bass player were right in the pocket despite the strange conditions from the sound. The keyboard effects add to the already bombastic sound.  Even with the venue being what it is, Dekades owned the night. One can only imagine the great things on the horizon for them.


By: Brian Lacy

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