Live Review: Sidewave and Hidden Amongst Us

A bands first show can go one of two ways, it’s either a huge success or it just doesn’t hit the mark. For Sidewave, it hit the mark in a grand way. Singer/guitarist Phil Golyshko and band kicked off their set with one of their newest songs from their upcoming split with Anakin (a previously featured band here on the site). The set featured mostly songs from their most recent release “Big Time” featuring the songs “Honest To God” and “Sundrop”. The last song of the evening was a wonderful cover of Air’s “Playground Love” off the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Sidewave’s brand of heavy shoe gaze and space rock, is loud and clean without missing a beat. Vocally, this band is in sync and comes across with great clarity. This first show is a sign of great things to come for Sidewave.

Also playing this night was Los Angeles based hard rock band Hidden Amongst Us (also previously featured here on the site). Their blend of hard rock with melodic vocals stirred up a high energy performance. Their set which featured songs off their recently released album, was powerful and melodic. Singer Evan Michael Mentone is a deep raspy yet clear voice which guides the songs along.

It was a great night for live music despite the dinginess at the Silverlake Lounge. It had been years since I last attended a show there, and I remember why I never went back. Looks like someone needs to up their game. If the bands can bring their A game why can’t the venue!

By: Brian Lacy


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